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W elcome to the world of Sababa and Sinai. If you look carefully at the map of Sinai you will notice that it looks like a heart. You will also notice that Sinai connects three continents together, Africa, Asia and Europe. Further more, all three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism have very early roots in this land. The energy in this place is indescribable. One has to see these mountains and this desert to experience Sinai. Even the sea is unique; the Red Sea coral reef is absolutely amazing and a global diving destination.
Sababa Camp is located in the Bedouin village of Tarabin near the port city of Nuweiba on the south of Sinai in Egypt. This location is ideal because You will have a heavenly sea view, Wonderful beach for swimming and diving/snorkling.You will be strategically located within driving distance to the following MUST see destinations Read more...


Friendly and convenient accommodation at Sababa Camp! It's no 5-Star hotel room; rather, it's a back-to-nature lovely bamboo bungalows. 1 Bed and 2 Bed bungalows are available with shared bathrooms. Also, bungalows with mattresses are available. Enjoy your stay with a delicious and healthy breakfast meal at Sababa. And for your connectivity needs, we have a wireless internet coverage; so you stay connected with your friends and family, or even check your business e-mail while laying back in a lovely beach hammock! In addition, all bungalows have mosquito nets, and electiricity is available.


You can contact us at:

Abdullah (Abu Hashem) : + 2012 2057 7989  [ Arabic, Italian ]
Valintna :  +39 3394587192  [ Italian ]
Sandra :  +39 3397281060 / +34 637297455  [ English, Italian, Spanish ]



Dear friends of Sababa Camp, We are glad to announce that we've got 2 5-Star reviews at Trip Advisor so far.Check them out here All the best,The Sababa Camp Team