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Dear Sinai and Sababa lovers,

W elcome. If you look carefully at the map of Sinai, you will notice that it looks like a heart. Also, it connects three continents together: Asia, Africa and Europe. Furthermore, all three ancient religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism have very early roots here.
No matter how many pictures you have seen, or stories you have heard, it is something that one has to experience in person. The mountains, the sea and even under the sea in some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

There are many things to do here
*  Diving / Snorkelling
*  Camping
*  Desert trips
*  Fishing
*  Swimming
*  Live music beside the fire
Many more...

for more information and reservation please contact :

Abdullah (Abu Hashem) : + 2012 2057 7989  [ Arabic, Italian ]
Valintna : +39 3394587192  [ Italian ]
Sandra : +39 3397281060 / +34 637297455  [ English, Italian, Spanish ]